Saturday, August 8, 2009

Karl Blau- 96

I feel a lot of people are gonna rag on Karl Blau for putting out 96. After last year's Nature's Got Away, it seemed like a lot of the indie realm suddenly came around to Karl. He was no longer that weirdo who would open up for yr favorite indie band with a microphone and a loop pedal, he was writing songs that reminded us of other songs, other time periods, he was suddenly a dreamy indie rock star. 96 is an album worked out lyrically while taking his family along on a European tour and produced in the two weeks after getting back. It's beat heavy, not band heavy. While it's hard to tell how much is electronic (i would say it's not very much), to indie kids, it sounds like electronic music; which, to many in that scene, is a little confusing. I think this album is pretty amazing. The beats are these awesome lo-fi creations and the lyrics are totally weird: 96 is a suggestive song, metaphorically about the 69 position in everyday life; there's a call-and-response of "feed off my debris" at one point, declarations of being done with this life and god's view of us ensue. I've heard the pre-release of Zebra, his album due out in October on K, which has a lot of excitement around it, but, in my opinion, it doesn't even compare to 96; this is, for me, Karl at his most interesting.
Karl Blau- Hey Low, Halo

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