Friday, December 3, 2010

Screw, 10 Years Later

Jace Clayton (AKA: DJ /Rupture) recently wrote a great piece in Frieze Magazine on the legacy of DJ Screw, the Houston dj who invented (or adapted, as the article theorizes) the genre Chopped and Screwed. 10 years after his legendary cough syrup overdose, his slowed down, stuttering style of dj'ing now makes its way into everything from pop hip hop to indie rock, to being a key element of the ever-evolving Witch House/Drag genre.
It has also been destroyed by some queer white kids in the pacific northwest. Tonight is the release party for the new cassette tape and "best of" collection from Foxdye & The Baron. Foxdye you probably know as an international breakcore superstar and The Baron is my alter-ego. Every year for the last three years, we've been putting out a tape of the chopped and screwed we'd like to hear. More ridiculous than gangsta, it's having fun with a genre we love the sound of, but don't often love the message of. If you're in Portland, Oregon, you should stop by.
Many apologies to DJ Screw. Hopefully you would have thought the Golden Girls theme slowed down is as hilarious as we do. RIP.
Foxdye & The Baron- Paper Screws (M.I.A. Chopped and Screwed) (off The Best (um...) of Foxed and Screwed)
Foxdye & The Baron- Thank You for Being a Friend (Golden Girls Chopped and Screwed) (off Chopped and Screwed Vol 3)

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