Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Corespondents- Do Not Doublestack

corespondents at mutant fest 2009
Seattle's Corespondents have recently gone from ambient, fanciful guitar soundscapes to some kind of eastern-influenced western swing/experimental ragtime thing. And it is awesome.
While working on a new album that shows off said new style, they worked on Do Not Doublestack Do Not Doublestack, a four song, process-based, ep. The album had the members split into different pairs for each song session and see what came out (this might sound confusing, but we'll break it down below).
Here are the results:
1. Corespondents- There's Nothing On (Olie and Kieran)
2. Corespondents- Basketball Dreams (Doug and Olie)
3. Corespondents- Weird, Hey (all three: Olie, Doug, Kieran)
4. Corespondents- The Great Divide (Kieran and Doug)
Hope you enjoy. (And check out their other albums! Hairy Ghost Pipefish and Warp Preparation, real good stuff).

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