Thursday, May 27, 2010


Of all the great cd's I got handed or traded for on the road, none were better than the three song demo from Salt Lake City's S.L.F.M.. Though hours of completely stopped traffic resulted in us not actually seeing this band, I'm convinced they/she are/is the best thing since sliced bread, or my favorite donut, the bismark. Going under the pretty accurate and charming description of "uke thrash," I feel this is the kind of thing that can appeal to just about anybody and their summer tour will hopefully prove that.
S.L.F.M.- And They Made Apricot Tea


  1. hi, i have just a question, i try to add some tracks to share with people on hypem with my blogspot but i don't find any solution to upload music!! can you help me and told me wich system or program you use? would be nice.... thanks anthony

  2. There are a lot of free accounts, but it'll be less of a pain in the butt if you just pay the $5-$7 a month for an unlimited account. Hype Machine adapts most easily with YouSendIt, but I use a Mediafire account.

  3. Hey, SLFM recently got picked to open up for Sonic Youth. I recorded it for her, here's the first clip posted.