Saturday, November 21, 2009

Monitor Mix

For doing a music blog and having a bit of an online presence in different forms, I have a lot of trouble reading anything of content online. When I spend too long on a computer, I'm usually doing something that others might classify as work. I generally don't watch Youtube videos unless I'm with other people, I scan my favorite blogs. I love paper. I can't focus on a computer.
That said, I've been having to focus a lot lately because there are just too many awesome articles on Carrie Brownstein's Monitor Mix, her column on the NPR website. Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill, Jigsaw Underground)'s article on women in music, Swagger Like Us, has an awesome synthesis of the current state of things and has tons of great jams.
Jean Smith (of Mecca Normal)'s recent article, Surviving the Underground is another total gem. Though it's too short (i'd love to see a more fleshed-out version of this available in zine-form someday), I think it should be required reading for any artist trying (or thinking about trying) to survive off their art. It's great to read someone who's speaking from so many years of experience and not theorizing on what's best, but just laying out what's worked for them.
To top it off, there's even a great piece by Jace Clayton (DJ /Rupture),'Free' Music And The Unbuyable Sublime, concerning the speed, and cost (or lack therof), of music in the digital age.

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