Monday, February 22, 2010

K Set to Reissue Kendl Winter's Apple Core

Olympia's own indie bluegrass-er, Kendl Winter, may become the first country-tinged artist on K Records. It just got confirmed that, in October, K will reissue her latest effort, Apple Core on CD and LP. Kendl has made a name for herself in such bands as The Blackberry Bushes, The Pasties, Southern Skies, Kite, and It's All Gotta Go- which has left little time to promote her fine solo works. Apple Core is her best to date, a meticulously-crafted album that isn't done justice by any the labels that could be applied to it. So let's just say there's some fast banjo-picking, pro-choice anthems ("Dr. Tiller"), fiddle tunes, ethereal nature paintings ("Sharp Stones Into the Sea"), and occasional horn sections- like displayed in what I might call the album's hit, "Cotton Skies"- and all of it is good. The first printing of Apple Core is a hand-printed, limited edition run of 250 copies, which I might suggest getting in on before the reissue...just remember to pick it up on vinyl come fall.
Kendl Winter- Cotton Skies (off Apple Core)

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