Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tara Jane O'Neill- A Ways Away

While I've always been a fan of Tara Jane O'Neill's art, her music has never much grabbed me...nor turned me off, really. It's just kind of been a non-sequitur.
But on A Ways Away, her newest release that came out on K a few months ago, my tune has changed. All the potential that's always been present in her music comes out.
Some of this album sounds like what my childhood version of heaven sounded like. The warm ambient-noise that she lays down on this album makes me a sold little kid from the get-go. Drone-y feedback, slide guitar, and lush layers of harmonies all give one a nice pillow to sink into. But, beyond the noise, the songwriting on here is fantastic. The whole album shows a lot of growth and a certain wisdom, but I would say that, while "Howl" will probably be a jam for a lot of folks, it's the kind of song that generally makes me uninterested in TJO- it's this very distinctive melody construction she has often tended towards on past albums that I can't much get into.

My fine friends at K said I could post any song I wanted, so do check out "In the Tall Grass," a good meeting point of ambience and songcraft on what is one of my favorite albums of the year.
Tara Jane O'Neill- In Tall Grass

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