Sunday, August 15, 2010

Innocence Mission- My Room in the Trees

Since 2007's near-perfect We Walked in Song, the Innocence Mission has slowly come to be one of my favorite bands. As their name suggests, they've got a child-like magic that makes them seem, at times, unworldly. I got the word on their new album the other morning at work and preceded to listen to the singles off it over-and-over again, moving onto listening to older material and being near tears while placing the Monday morning new book order.
Largely ignored by the mainstream, most people know them for their song "Bright as Yellow" from 1995's Empire Records soundtrack. Yep, they've been at it along time. They've kept at it and make even better music now than they did 20 years ago- a pretty rare and commendable thing, I'd have to say.
While their lack of commercial success is most likely because they tend toward the slower side of things and have a sound that's not poppy enough for the adult alternative crowd and not hip enough for the indie rock crowd, their somewhat-latent religious nature might be a part of it, too. Personally, I love how they approach spirituality, it seems tied more to the beauty of the world than any organized religion, but their new single "God is Love" probably won't make people who have been uncomfortable with their spiritual leanings in the past any more comfortable. It is, however, a great song.
Innocence Mission- God is Love (off My Room in the Trees)


  1. did anyone catch the ep they snuck in there in 2009? Really good, it's called Street Map.

  2. Yeah, I loved Street Map too! No press on that one, was there!