Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catching Up (Part Two)

Ok, time for part two in this attempt to catch up before hitting the road and maybe not saying anything for a bit.
Seattle-ites and world travelers, World History, have just put out a much anticipated album. I just bought it the other day and haven't checked it out beyond this stunning opening track. You should all probably rush out and buy it.
World History- In the Middle of the Fall (off You Can't Stop Trying)
I've had this Dark Dark Dark song for quite some time and have been looking for the chance to point out how amazing this song is.
Dark Dark Dark- Wild Goose Chase (off Bright Bright Bright)
And, finally, I know you all like the free musics, so, hey- we just finished putting together a free 20 song Letters sampler. I try to not make this about Letters at all, but, as Diana Arens so famously said, "free things are cool."

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