Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jordan O Jordan

Since the vinyl version of his new album just came out yesterday on Electricity and Lust AND I believe today is the day of his birth(!), I thought I'd write a post about the grand troubador of the modern world, Jordan O Jordan.
While always being a fan of his role in Polka Dot Dot Dot and of his general goodness as a person, his solo stuff had never hit me in the same way- I thought it was good, but it wasn't my favorite thing around. Then, a couple weekends ago, I saw my first Jordan O Jordan solo show and, dear friends let me tell you, I was blown. Coming on stage with the outline of a hand painted on his face, he played five songs (one for each finger), had stories that connected each song with each particular finger, facts about fingers (ranging from how offensive finger gestures became offensive to the unsuspecting strenth of the pinky), he was charming, funny, got the crowd involved, and played heartbreakingly slow versions of his songs. It made me recognize the cleverness of his lyrics...I think one could buy one of his albums for nothing more than the pleasure of reading the lyric book and be perfectly pleased with their purchase.
His latest album is Carbon Cyles and is out on Vinyl and CD, I suggest checking it out.
Jordan O Jordan- Little Finger

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