Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been a big fan of the huayno genre for years now, but haven't found an artist to fully embrace. Los Errantes de Chuquibamba seem great to me, but I can see how, if I was part of the culture, I might write them off as overly accessible pop. Mostly, I listen to the intense and varied compilations out there. But DJ Rupture's recent post on Luzmila Carpio (and tons of subsequent listening to her albums) has made me see the expanse of what huayno can be. While I couldn't find links to either of these albums on her website, she does have a couple albums for sale there. She's definitely one of a kind. Many thanks to Luzmila for making such wonderful sounds and Rupture for pointing me in the right direction (as always).
Luzmila Caprio- Riqsiqakasunchik (Seremos Reconcidos) (off Cantos Quechua, Aymaras de los Andes)
Luzmila Carpio- Azucenita (off Reina de Folklore)

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