Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Carter Family Tribute

Markly Morrison continues posting new songs from his epic cassette tape-recorded tribute to the Carter Family. Two stood out to me. The first comes from Mr Karl Blau, who I can't seem to say enough good things about. Here's how Markly describes the recording of this: "We were at the Green House (in Arcata), a home-venue there, and Karl was using their old home entertainment organ. He brought bandmates Adam Oelsner and Eli Moore in to do backing vocals with us during the last 5 minutes of our stay."
Karl Blau- Angel Band
The next is a group which sounds like it was put together for the tribute, Slippery Slopes. Again, Markly: "I met a lady named Gracie from Eugene, OR while I had been in San Francisco, and she called me up to let me know that she was in Arcata as well, in fact right down the street from where I was staying. She put together a band called the Slippery Slopes at a friends' house, and called me up to come record their rendition of 'Sinking in The Lonesome Sea.' I really liked the kazoo intro, and the way they sing 'two hunderd dollars' in the third verse."
Slippery Slopes- Sinking in the Lonesome Sea

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