Sunday, June 21, 2009


This blog was ran from 2008-2012 by Joshua James Amberson, with occasional posts by Alexis Wolf and Danielle Rodeo Warhola.

The three of us are part of the music project Letters, so the name is a reference to that. But aside from music we were introduced to through touring, the blog isn't about our music.

This is just us, talking about things we like in hopes that other people will read about them/listen to them and perhaps like them, too. It focuses largely, but by no means exclusively, on music made in the Northwest part of the United States.

If you'd like to read non-music-related writings of ours, some can be found in the zines Basic Paper Airplane, Ilse Content, and Resume of Charm.

If you'd like to listen to/buy music that we release or support, please check out Antiquated Future Records & the Antiquated Future store.

The Mp3's here are, when possible, used by permission of the artist or their label. If you need to request that something be taken down, email us and we will make it so.

If you like the artists you hear, buy their music. If it doesn't help pay their bills, it'll at least make them feel loved and like what they are doing is worth doing (which is important).

Letters- Hands in Pockets (as soundtrack for this post)

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