Monday, October 4, 2010


Portland's Fkdp Records is a personal favorite of mine. Owned and, in large part, operated by ace dj, Fukumup, Fkdp is a label of two distinct sounds that are vastly different, but make a certain sense to me.
Fukumup told me that, at last week's Decibel Fest, he was at a workshop where they said, "your label needs to make sense. You wouldn't, for example, have a label that put out house music and ambient music." He thought this was pretty funny, since, yeah, in a way this is what Fkdp puts out. House-inspired breakcore like Shitmat, Foxdye, and Graz and dark ambient like Myello and (early, pre-band) Desolation Wilderness.
Maybe because Fukumup is a collector/archiver of every sort of recorded media under the sun, Fkdp stuff is always unique. From the flannel sleeves of the Grungecore 7" to the hand-drawn additions on Biting on Ravecore to candy bones and cupcake wrappers inside CD jewel cases, Fkdp makes sure your tangible music experience is at least a little more fun and interesting than downloading some mp3's.
Their newest release, Bootleg Babylon, just came out a couple weeks ago and it's by Seattle artist Graz. Expect a Fkdp webstore and distro full of Fkdp releases and all sorts of weird music out of Europe that can't be picked up on US shores in the not-too-distant future (any web designers out there want to help him out?).
Graz- Total Request Mashup (off Bootleg Babylon)

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