Thursday, December 31, 2009

Girl Band- So Unsatisfied

Sorry for a little bit of a hiatus, it's been a busy holiday time of traveling, moving, and staying up all night. In this madness, though, I got the chance to see Girl Band, a Santa Barbara/Berkley trio made up of members from Glass Cake, Watercolor Paintings, Mammary, and Backpack.
Since seeing them, I've thought a lot about why some sounds are so irresistible to me. There are some groups/music projects that could pretty much do anything and I would like it. They're all totally different (off the top of my head: Filastine, Eluvium, Tom Waits, Diane Cluck), so it isn't a style thing...honestly, it baffles me. The reason doesn't really matter that much, the point I'm getting at is Girl Band makes one of these irresistible sounds. As soon as their three voices lock into harmony, I'm sold- they could do anything and I would be drop-jawed and wanting more. This is a song I recorded at their Olympia show, before my recording device (sadly) ran out of batteries. I think it's a gem.
Girl Band- So Unsatisfied (Live in Olympia)
In completely different news: The new Foxdye album comes out tomorrow on FKDP and I just caught word that my favorite ambient composer, Eluvium (mentioned above), will be putting out his first album in a what seems like a real long time this February. So expect write-ups on those in the near future. Happy new year.


  1. Nice harmonies on the girl band clip. The message of their song ("we are things that are not that important") is a downer. God created humans in His own image, all of whom are important. Music was created by God to be used for good and is wasted when used otherwise. Spending lots of time on songs that promote nothing eternal is a big waste of time.

  2. i think there's a lot of ways to interpret this song's message. There's a lot of unnecessary pain that comes from taking life (and one's self) too seriously, and maybe the message here is to try to find satisfaction in what you are and what you have.

  3. on a completely different note, there's this live show on Internet Archive of a Girl Band live show from a year ago: