Monday, April 19, 2010

$2,000 Puma

Out of the most unwatched city in the pacific northwest, Tacoma, Wa's $2,000 Puma are a hidden treasure. An interesting amalgamation of styles that make me have to reference the obscure northwest band Vox Dei, a name which will probably mean next to nothing to most people, but was a band that most often got compared to Sunny Day Real Estate and Radiohead, mostly out of people's general confusion about how to describe getting their minds blown. $2,000 Puma jumps around the musical map in the same way that Vox Dei did, while adhering to a general sound that could be put in a category that includes the aforementioned groups. Their new album, Last Night's Kill, due out this week, has everything from jazz-infused space rock to Sabbath-esque riffing to the almost Cuban rhythms of the instrumental below...a song which is perhaps not a good summary of what the album is, but is my favorite and one of many places this album travels to.
$2,000 Puma- Vose & Sons

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  1. They just put up a way to buy it online:
    Only $4, too.