Monday, November 22, 2010

Halo Benders Reunion

I've always regretted my chance to see the Halo Benders. I can remember it so well: 1996, Seattle, Wa, Hub Ballroom on the UW campus, Modest Mouse opening. Maybe I couldn't get a ride, maybe I got sick, maybe I was just lazy, but by the time I moved to Olympia, they had already broke up and I thought it was never to be.
But, amazingly, it happened. When I bought a ticket to see Built to Spill and the Hive Dwellers last month I thought that, perhaps, Calvin would hop on for a song and it would be a mock Halo Benders reunion, but instead Calvin and Doug were joined by original members Ralf Youtz and Wayne Flower for seven energy-packed Halo Benders classics. It was pretty exciting. While some might say Don't Touch My Bikini with a metal breakdown at the end was the highlight and others might root for the hyped up Virginia Reel Around the Fountain, I put my money on Bombshelter Pts 1 & 2 with an improvised plea to end the war in Afghanistan from Mr Calvin Johnson that is hilarious, impassioned, and a good rip on the ever-terrible Olympian newspaper.
Halo Benders- Bombshelter Pts 1 & 2 (Live in Olympia)


  1. Got a question about set list, so here it be:
    1. Canned Oxygen
    2. Halo Bender
    3. Bombshelter Pts 1 & 2
    4. Freedom Riders
    5. Virginia Reel Around the Fountain
    6. Love travels Faster
    7. Don't Touch My Bikini