Sunday, September 20, 2009

Le Loup- Family

The new Le Loup album is out today and my advice to you, dear reader, is hop on it. Another fabulous release from the good folks at Hardly Art, it has been my jam of late.
In the couple weeks I've spent with my advance copy, I have heard many a comparison, "a softer Animal Collective" and "reminiscent of early Flaming Lips" come to mind, and, yes, comparisons are undeniable...which usually means I write something off to some extent, but I've decided that these folks are their own thing. While their Beach Boys-esque harmonies and creative use of precussion may make them come off like Animal Collective, they are not Animal Collective. They are Le Loup and, while no one I've played them for seems to have ever heard of them, I think they are on their way to changing that. The pop bass heavy tribal vacation of "Beach Town" makes one a believer and the banjo floaty all-instruments-aboard-ness of "Morning Song" makes you want to lie in bed, for sure; "Forgive Me" is one of those wondrously confusing jams where you can't decide if I want to party or lay down in a meadow, and there's those couple moments that feel like they could be straight from the Sacred Harp and, geez, who can't be sold.
Some moments of a more eastern-influenced thing kinda have this Doors (that's right The Doors, I wasn't just raised on indie rock, y'all) vibe, which, at this point in life, makes me feel kind of gross. No real reason, I just can't get down with much that makes me think of The Doors. But those moments are pretty few and far between.
This is a great album, and I, for one, cannot stop listening to it.
Le Loup- Forgive Me

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