Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

When I got this song a few weeks ago from NYC-based producer Voodoo Farm, I kind of wrote it off. It's dated in a number of ways: Ani, Daft Punk-ish production, house music. But, I couldn't stay away. It's bouncy and catchy and I do still kinda love Ani. Here's an excerpt from their words on the piece, which I think are pretty adorable:
"I made this mix for a good friend of mine as a birthday gift last month. She loves Ani DiFranco (whom I was unfamiliar with at the time) and so I got to work. The difference between myself and most producers/DJs today is that I take the time to play all the pieces in the song...The only samples you will hear are directly from Ani's version of "Back Back Back" and certain drum components. Hopefully you enjoy the track...Take care and I hope you continue to spread great music to the masses, because people need you to."
Voodoo Farm- Back Back Back (Ani Difranco Remix)

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