Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Week In Videos

I know I seem obsessed, but CocoRosie has to start this off. An amazing interview piece about their new album that I got in the mail got me searching for an embeddable version on Youtube and, though I couldn't find it (hit up the link above), I did end up watching a bunch of pretty amazing CocoRosie videos. This was my favorite. Them doing the hard techno jam off Grey Oceans in a simple, charming, living room kind of way. I find it absolutely fantastic how they make such a sparse set-up seems so full of life. Compare this and the interview video to this performance of Hairnet Paradise from a few years back. It's kind of amazing these shy-in-front-of-the-camera kids with a slightly weird style are now dangling prisms from their hand-felted hoods and rocking doo-rags and dready rasta hats on tv with absolute confidence.

Someone took the "Hairnet Paradise" video and made an mp3 out of it. It's so darn good.
CocoRosie- Hairnet Paradise
The next one comes from David Bazan, who, I must say, I haven't much listened to in the five or so years. In fact, he's kind of been the last thing I've wanted to listen to in the last five years. I haven't even checked out his albums since dropping the Pedro the Lion moniker. But this Vic Chestnutt cover grabbed me tight. I read a Seattle blog that called it "the song he was born to sing," or something to that affect. And, it's kind of true- death, confusion, pain, Jesus, questioning- Bazan eats that stuff up. A real beautiful tribute.

And, lastly, I would like to point out that The 16th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival is this weekend and, though I'm leaving for a short tour tomorrow and will unfortunately miss it, I encourage anyone in the area to go. Somewhat disappointingly, the line-up is strikingly similar to last year's, but it will still be good. My favorite from last year was Olympia's own KnotPineBox, who closed out the festival with a beautiful solstice noise and harmony clash. All the recorded material I've heard from her is a lot more on the lonesome long drive side of things than her gloriously out there live shows. Just compare the video of "Hightail" with the recorded version.

KnotPineBox- Hightail (off Burden of Proof)

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