Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hardly Art Sampler

One of my favorite local labels just released their first sampler...and it's free! Seattle's Hardly Art has released a dozen or so albums over the past couple years and this has a song from each of them, plus a couple unreleased gems. Given that I've only heard a few of their releases in their entirety, this had some stuff I'd never had the pleasure of hearing before.
The Moondoggies are some high school friends of a former partner of mine. I saw them once, many years ago, play in a living room in the suburb-y sprawl town of Lynwood, Wa. They were great, but never did I think they're brand of Allman Brothers-esque rock would catch on in the indie world, but it sure has and one of their best songs is on this comp:
The Moondoggies- Changing (off Don't Be a Stranger)
The Pica Beats were one I'd heard some songs from, but had never taken the time to really check out. I read somewhere that they were like a soundtrack to a Wes Anderson movie and, after hearing these couple songs, I might say that is pretty accurate.
The Pica Beats - Summer Cutting Kale (off Beating Back the Claws of the Cold)
The Pica Beats - Poor Old Ra (acoustic) (previously unreleased)
And, finally, though Le Loup's newest album, Family, was covered here previously, I had never heard anything off their first release. Love the more electronics-heavy production.
Le Loup - We are Gods! We are Wolves! (off The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly)

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  1. Checked out the Pica Beats album after this and have been really into it, a lot of different stuff on there.