Thursday, June 9, 2011

First post; Sharing the good with Purrbot!

I have been lucky to be invited to post up here at Letters With Mixtapes - a blog i love reading and listening to. The future! First, a little sweet talk for a special artist, musician, and artist.
I received Nathan Carter's "Will you marry me?" single page folded treasure at zine symposium 2008, while in the midst of a golden lovespell with a beautiful towheaded colt with a crack in his head, where the happiness could seep out if it all became too much. These adorable letters, wondrous drawings and entries from a life were held very precious to us, and we mimicked the style for our own zine. Nathan has lots of beautiful books available on his etsy. Where this story climaxes; Nathan also makes lushly layered piano and banjo music, under the name Purrbot. Take a listen to this single "Share the good"! I can not get over his unique voice, that i will assure is even nicer in person, as a handful of folks got lucky enough to see him preform at the release release for Stumptown underground about a month back.

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  1. I never got around to thanking you for this post! Thank you!! My heart is warmed. Love to you, Nathan