Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pacific northwest political punk

As I sit here in my basement room listening to Portland punk paramours Tiny Knives practice, (well, trying to tune out with headphones...It is practice after all!) I reflect on all the great punk music i've been lucky to listen to and experience at house shows across the northwest this last week.Let's reflect. You may be thinking "Hmm... letters with mixtapes? What the punk? Who is this person overtaking the blog, where's josh?" My name is Danielle Warhola and I run another blog, Resume Of Charm where most of this stuff is going to be crossposted. Josh is just sharing, and I'll be updating a lot more while he's on tour.

Sunday, we had a great basement blowout with pasta salad, a huge white strawberry whipped cream cake and an apple pie the size of a pillow. We also had Shark Pact, Members of Hail Seizures' Keyboard and drum outfit play, suitable for dancing or "shaking your butt" and bringing thoughtfully penned songs about harm reduction, service industry work, cities and wilderness. I have no clue if there is a way to obtain their 2010 tape album "Ditches" aside from a show but an address to contact them at is PO Box 913 Olympia, WA 98507
They are on Tour with the Hail Seizures, and the tour dates for that can be found here.

Two days later at the well loved portland house fucketts, was a total gem of a show - Sleep Spindle, Agatha, My Parade and Diver . My Parade; All people of colour, all political butt shaking for everyone involved. Mathy post rock drumming, power vocals, and pitchy keyboard organ sound lines. At time of publish, I don't think they have music available but at a show.
Agatha. Palatably poppy queer hardcore (that is saying a lot, because I am fucking sick of hardcore until further notice!) with incensed lyrics from a powerful frontperson (plus sick group vocs), dreaming up the drive for actual change in a kierarchal world and assessing identity. Listen to + order their EP at Rumbletowne records. (Rumbletown also has other quality bands Doomhawk, lightnin' round, Shorebirds, and Hooky that remind me of some of the greatest shows I ever experienced living in seattle. Being 19 was really, really exciting.)
They played with Sleep Spindle, Portland all girl goodness. I don't know if they have internet contact.

In the process of writing this post, I plugged the speakers into my bedroom for the first time in a year - going to go through the rumbletowne records backcatalog, turn it up and get nostalgic. Enjoy.

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